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Agile Mindset BootCamps



Liminal space is a threshold, a place of transition. Liminality is where transformation

takes place, if we learn to let it.

ROADMAP: (20 hours) for up to 2 people

Introduction (1 hour)

  • Build safe environment and develop your story


Set -up  (1 hour)

  • Define done and FUNdamentals*

*FUNdamentals =core coaching skills + fun that comes from being a coach

BootCamp: (15 total hours in 2 – 4 sessions) Co-create successful strategies for your agile environments 

  • Identify your unique learning objectives to achieve your aspirations

  • Co-create a plan to guide and track your achievements in liminal space

  • Build on your strengths, successes and agile mindset to develop your unique coaching strategies

  • Create new perspectives and insights to enhance the impact of your agile coaching

  • Inspect and Adapt

  • Create action plans to effectively and efficiently achieve your desired outcomes

Retrospective (2.5 hours in 2 sessions)

  • Measure and assess 

  • Create wisdom

  • FutureScape

Support: (as needed throughout the programme)

  • Access just-in-time coaching, mentoring and support

Wrap up (.5 hour)

  • Reflect and rejoice


Helping agile coaches, scrum masters, leads, facilitators and professionals to  enhance team members’ success and satisfaction by leveraging their unique awesome coaching capability through conversations, experimentation and rapid learning in a private, customised, time-boxed training programme



  • Leverage your unique strengths and capability to be a coach in liminal space

  • Enhance the core skills that underpin your diverse role as an agile professional

  • Learn simple straegies to co-create trusting relationships

  • Expand your versatility to support team members to leverage their agile mindsets

  • Increase your confidence to enhance agile team and individual performance in liminal space

  • Strategically influence others to develop an agile mindset

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