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Agile Mindset Bootcamps

Agile Mindset Bootcamps

Agile Mindset BootCamps



The neuroscience of change is the process of harnessing our powerful human tendencies to maintain stability and transform them into the motivation to change, to innovate, to inspire.

Liminal space is a threshold, a place of transition. Liminality is where transformation

takes place, if we learn to let it.


Assisting agile leaders, managers and influencers to successfully navigate teams through liminal space. Build trust, co-create results and inspire innovation by harnessing an agile mindset through conversations, experimentation and rapid learning in a private, customised, timeboxed programme.


  • Leverage your agile mindset and unique strengths to lead in liminal space

  • Learn simple strategies to co-create trusting and supportive relationships

  • Enhance your resilience and confidence to address conflict and foster change in agile environments

  • Expand your versatility to inspire others to develop their agile mindset

  • Transform challenges of change into opportunities and outcomes for your teams

  • Enhance your leadership influence by co-creating an agile culture

ROADMAP: (20 hours) for 1 people

Introduction (1 hour)

  • Build safe environment and develop your story


Set -up  (1 hour)

  • Define done using assessments, client information and retrospective

BootCamp: (15 total hours in 2 – 4 sessions)

Co-create customised inspirational strategies to lead others in agile environments and liminal space

  • Identify your unique learning objectives to achieve your aspirations

  • Co-create a plan to guide and track your achievements in liminal space

  • Inspect and Adapt

  • Build on your strengths, successes and agile mindset to leverage your unique leadership capability

  • Develop your versatility to work with diverse people and  processes in liminal space

  • Create innovative agile processes and systems to build an agile culture in your teams and organisation

Retrospective (2.5 hours in 2 sessions)

  • Measure and assess

  • Create wisdom

  • FutureScape

Support: (as needed throughout the programme)

  • Access just-in-time coaching, mentoring and support

Wrap up (.5 hour)

  • Reflect and rejoice

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