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Bootcamps For Teams And Organisations

Liminal space is a threshold, a place of transition. Liminality is where transformation

takes place, if we learn to let it.


Leverage the strengths and versatility of each team member to build a high-perform, one-team mindset by co-creating aspirations and strategies for success in liminal space in a customised, facilitated programme.


  • Review and celebrate team development to set context

  • Align team and organisational vision to set intention and deliver impact

  • Develop one team mindset to enhance relationships and results

  • Set team norms to enhance impact in liminal space

  • Enhance team resilience and confidence to address conflict and manage alignment in liminal space

  • Transform challenges of change into opportunities to improve alignment with yourself and your team

THE ROADMAP: 12 hours team + 3 hours leader)


  • Plan outcomes and process for BootCamp (1 hour: Leaders)


  • Reflect on aspirations and desired outcomes (.5 hour per team member) 

Boot Camp: (7 hours)

Leverage the strengths and versatility of each team member to build a high-perform, one-team mindset.

  • Prepare the environment to enhance successful and satisfying team engagement

  • Review team foundation to refine team efffectiveess

  • Align values and vision to build one-team culture

  • Create strategies to demonstrate one-team mindset

  • Commit to action to develop team resilience in liminal space

  • Review to measure and chart progress

Review and Revise: (2 hours in 2 sessions: Leader)

  • Review team progress on commitments

  • Prepare for team Refresh and Revise sessions


Refresh and Revise: (4.5 hours in 2 sessions: Team)

  • Reflect on progress of individual and team commitments

  • Revise commitments

  • Rejoice


Leadership Support: (as needed throughout the programme by Leader)

Access just-in-time coaching and support for team leader


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