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SMARTS Tools Series

Simple Models and Real-Time Tools for Success

Clients consistently find the tools I use in our work together enable them to quickly make significant improvements in their relationships and results. These simple, practical tools can be easily implemented in every day situations.


Many of the tools are guides to help you fine-tune rather than add more activity, energy or time to your daily routine. Others build productive habits to minimise your challenges and maximise your resilience. All of them are practical and powerful.


I have created a collection of these “SMARTS” tools and am delighted to offer them to you for your reference. Each tool has a brief description and instructions for how to implement it. You can view the “4Ps”, the first tool in the series here


If you would like to register to receive the other fifteen tools, please sign up here.  Once you sign up, you will receive a different SMARTS tool every three weeks via email.


If you would like information on how we can work together to enhance your future satisfaction and success, please click here to contact Leslie .

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