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Simple Models and Real-Time Tools for Success

Clients consistently find certain processes that I use in our work together make a significant improvement in their ability to develop themselves, their relationships and their results. They are, as the name suggests, simple, practical tools that can be easily implemented in every day situations.


Most of these tools are guides to help you fine-tune the tasks you typically do as a leader rather than methods that require you add more activity, energy or time to your daily routine. Others are processes that build productive habits to minimise your challenges and maximise your resourcefulness and resilience.


I have created a library of tools for your reference. Each tools has a description to teach you the purpose, process, payoff so you have the information you need to incorporate each process into your behaviour. I invite you to implement the tool that you find interesting, experiment with it and integrate it into your way of working to best suit your style.


SMARTS Intentions 032020 Intention.jpg

Train Your Brain: Set Your Intention

To train your brain to achieve a future achievement by fully experiencing it in the present


WIIFM: What’s in it for Me?

To create the motivation you need to change your own behaviour


To Get Results: Reflect

To learn from our unsuccessful experiences to enhance our future success

Style Sense.jpg

To Enhance Relationships: Develop ‘Style Sense’

To build positive relationships, develop a versatile style of interaction


To Lead in a VUCA World: Be Vulnerable

To show and instill courage in others to navigate through challenging environments

Mental Magic.jpg

To Create Success: Use your Mental Magic

To enhance your results by imagining your success



The Secret to Successful Greetings: Your Attitude

To build positive relationships with others by creating safety from the first moment you meet


To Be a Great Leader: Listen

To develop a trusting and supportive relationship that motivates others to follow your lead

Manage Differences.jpg

Manage Differences: Focus on Similarities

To create rapport  and connection with others, particularly those you find difficult


Take the Work out of Networking: Add Value

To develop authentic professional relationships for mutual support and success while reducing stress



The 4 Ps of Planning: People, Purpose, Process, Payoff

To prepare for a meeting or project by clarifying and aligning direction, expectations and action

The Call.jpg

Shifting Your Perspective: The Call

To enhance the probability that you create habits and results

Calendar Committment.jpg

To Be Effective: Make Calendar Commitments

To reserve time to focus on important outcomes, no matter what immediate, interruptions occur


To Improve Productivity: Create Accountability

To create clear, common understanding and accountability in order to improve productivity and outcomes

Manage Change.jpg

To Manage Change: Watch Your Steps

To create project action plans that harness the natural energy that emerges during the project

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