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ALERT LEVEL 3: Traveling the Liminal Space Mindset

We have done what very few countries have been able to do. We have stopped a wave of devastation. Our transmission rate, the number of cases each person with the virus passes it onto, is now 0.48... Overseas the average is 2.5 people.

- Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, 20 April 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has motivated the world to change in unprecedented and unpredictable ways. In New Zealand, we changed from “business as usual” to four Covid-19 Alert Levels; lockdown, restrict, reduce and prepare.

Even as we ease to Alert Level 3: - Restrict:

many family members remain isolated

most workers work from home, or not at all

personal service providers give care virtually

financial outlooks remain gloomy

unemployment rises daily

Are we in the liminal space between increasing lockdown fatigue and decreasing fear of Covid-19? Our resolve to live with these restrictions is wavering so we are facing a new crisis point.

Crisis' originated from the Greek medical term for ‘decide’ - Oxford Dictionary

Right now, we do not know what actions will ensure our recovery. We know the actions we have taken in New Zealand to eliminate Covid-19 have created new mindsets and behaviours:

Understanding urgency - 'Go early, go hard.'

Knowing - ‘It takes one to hold us back, all of us to go forward.'

Caring for each other. 'We are all in this together!'

Highlighting inappropriateness of beneficiary bashing

Recognising value of the essential workers and unsung heroes We shift our future by continuing to shift our mindsets, so: How are you shifting your mindset and behaviours?

What strategies have you used to move through liminal space?

How can I support you to be your best so you can support others to be their best?

Together we can learn to leverage the liminal space we are all now experiencing.

Please share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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