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Our Pandemic and Pando the Trembling Tree

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We live in interesting times!

We are experiencing an opportunity unprecedented in our times. The Covid-19 crisis has sparked a global recognition that we live in one interdependent system where individual actions have aggregated worldwide impact.This is the liminal space we share, the place between our past and our future.

Our current situation is much like a Pando; the tree in Fishlake National Forest, Utah, with 47,000 shoots covering 80 football fields. Each shoot resembles an individual tree with a different colour, shape and size to all the others.To the observer, Pando looks like a forest of trees, not the unifying system it is.

Pando grows in response to its environment, particularly under adverse conditions. That’s when it sends out new shoots to create added resources to manage the situation. Each shoot adds value to the system.

Like Pando, we may look like individuals, but we are all part of one system. To keep our system healthy we also need to change and grow. And we are! To learn more, check out my first blog Living in Liminal Space: Maximising the Moment.

Parents become nurses, teachers, and entertainers. Neighbours check in with each other. Communities self-organise to help the vulnerable. Business redirect resources to provide essential goods and services. Scientists share data to find a vaccine. In some places employees take pay cuts to save jobs. Banks ease debt obligations. Governments provide universal income, house the homeless and share medical supplies with each other.

Individually, we are growing and together, we are changing our system to enhance its health. Now is an opportune time, before we leave our Covid-19 life of distancing, to take a leaf from Pando’s book. It is time for each of us to align in our global interdependence, rejoice in our growth and chart your continued journey.

How do you see your path unfolding?

▪ What support do you need?

▪ What impact will your efforts have on the system?

▪ How are you rejoicing in your growth?

Please share your thoughts in the Comments below or you can find practical strategies for adding value and receiving value by joining our conversation on LinkedIn.

Together we can learn to leverage the liminal space

we are all now experiencing.

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